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Safety should never
be taken for granted. We work dilligently to ensure the safety of employees and all those in contact with our construction sites.

Montesano Bros. has completed many heavy highway and municipal projects over the past 30 years without incident, because we strive for the highest safety standards in the industry. Our record is the result of daily attention to all company safety procedures by those who are directly and indirectly involved with the project.

All employees, at all levels, must work diligently to execute our company’s policies for maintaining safety and occupational health. All subcontractors must also adhere to our stringent safety policies.

Planning for Safety

We pre-plan for safety procedures in the design of our construction sites, traffic studies, and field supervision. Entrance and exit security is also closely reviewed, and all activities in and around the construction site are closely monitored for safety. The coordination of materials and equipment, and their loading and removal, are safely integrated with the public and construction personnel traffic.

Montesano Bros. insists on attention to detail, which minimizes unforeseen circumstances and maximizes opportunities for the greatest cost savings. Our experience provides the foresight for more efficient construction processes. Our systems and field support give us the resources to continually meet challenges while exceeding client expectations.

Safety Highlights

  • Montesano Bros. has had no lost-work days, restricted work days or fatalities in the last three years
  • We ensure that daily attention is paid to all company safety procedures by all who are directly or indirectly involved in this project
  • We require mandatory adherence to our safety standards. They are the highest in the industry and comply with the guidelines set forth by OSHA
  • We assign each construction site a designated Safety Director, who ensures that the Montesano Construction Safety Manual is followed at all times