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treatment plants
Montesano Bros has been entrsuted with the expansion and construction of vital water treatment plants throughout the tri-state area.

Village of Goshen Wastewater Treatment Plant,
Goshen, NY

This $17 million project consisted of excavation and removal of approximately 80,000 cubic yards of fill and import of approximately 75,000 cubic yards of material. The project entailed excavation for a headworks facility, two oxidation ditches, two secondary clarifiers, a post-aeration operations building, and a RAS/WAS pump station. More than 5,000 linear feet of water, sewer, and drain pipes were installed, ranging in diameter from four to 30 inches at depths up to 12 feet. Montesano Brothers also built 1,000 linear feet of new roadway.

The City of Peekskill Water Treatment Plant,
Peekskill, NY

This was a $3 million project for which Montesano constructed 1,700 feet of new two-lane roadway, curbs, sidewalk, and a parking area. To accommodate the new 4,000-square-foot water treatment plant, approximately 7,400 cubic yards of material was excavated along with the blasting and removal of 1,500 cubic yards of rock. Excavations were also conducted for the installation of a new 22-foot-deep “high service pump station” and a new concrete “backwash storage tank.” Completion of the project entailed the installation of approximately 4,600 linear feet of drain, water, and sewer pipe, ranging from four to 24 inches in diameter.